Change is a Natural Part of All Things Organic

We want to share with you the changes we’ve experienced on our Purchasing team. We’re excited to announce the addition of three new members to the team — Andrew Kearns, Johanna Tomesch and Tiffani Jarnigan. They join fellow Purchasing team members Bu Nygrens, Christina Leslie, Darcy Hamilton, Qiana Cameron and Tina Cosentino in working to bring your products to our broad base of customers.


Andrew Kearns

VV_Profile_Kearns-AndrewBefore joining the Purchasing team, Andrew  worked in the VV warehouse as a trainer and on the swing crew. Previously, he worked as a produce buyer and food service coordinator at the Berkeley Student Cooperative. His duties there included overseeing and training Kitchen Managers for member houses, sending out regular produce updates, conducting on-site trainings and inspections, and overall making sure the 800+ students got their food.

Johanna Tomesch

VV_Profile_Tomesch-JohannaJohanna comes to us by way of Portland, Oregon.  Her move from New York to the West Coast unveiled a love for fresh produce, mountains, and cooperatively run businesses. Prior to joining VV, Johanna was the Produce Buyer and Collective Manager at People’s Food Cooperative.  In that role, she worked with a network of 40 local growers to bring in the freshest produce available, while catering to her customers’ needs.  All the while balancing farmers’ needs and keeping the department profitable.   She is a dedicated supporter of organics, with a special love for citrus.  She enjoys building relationships with farmers and going on farm tours!

Tiffani Jarnigan

VV_Profile_Jarnigan-TIffaniTiffani has worked with VV seasonally and intermittently for 9 years. Her various roles include: order fulfillment, product placement, inventory control, after hour sales, purchasing, and most recently, testing VV’s proprietary software. Tiffani’s broad experience  made her an excellent choice for assisting the Purchasing Department during this time of transition. Before returning to VV in October of last year, Tiffani was on a two year tour in the Peace Corps, constructing a rural water system in the Dominican Republic.

While we’re happy to welcome them to the team, we, sadly, said goodbye to Bianca Kaprielian and Tyler Young.  We thank Bianca and Tyler for their years of service and wish them success in their new endeavors.