Training Produce Department New Hires

by Brandon Gold, VV Sales & Field Merchandiser

While you may already have a training procedure for a new hire in the Produce Department, below are some suggestions for helping ensure a new hire is as successful as possible in their new position.

  • ChecklistMake training for the new hire a top priority for the week. Managers and buyers should be prepared to adjust their typical daily duties in order to spend as much time as possible with the new team member. Typical daily priorities may need to take a back seat during the training period. No other investment in the department is as important or adds more value (or creates possible loss) then then the training of a new hire.
  • Have the new team member work in other areas of the store. Produce team members often field a majority of customer questions in a store, since they are often the only team members working on the floor during busy times of the day. Helping other departments face-up their aisles and work-up back stock is the easiest way for a new hire to gain knowledge of products carried in the store and where products are located.
  • Have the new hire work opening and closing shifts. It is common in Produce Departments for there to be frustration between the morning crew and the evening crew. view history This is caused by a lack of understanding regarding tasks which may not be completed. Help the new hire understand why these frustrations take place and how an incomplete task places a burden on the next crew.