Culling Demonstrates a Clear Commitment to Freshness and Quality

Distressed product on display gives a poor image of quality which directly impacts sales volume. It’s important to cull three times each day to keep displays looking fresh. “If you would not buy it, pull it” is a good rule of thumb. cheap car rent . Below are a few culling guidelines to follow:

  • Have a work surface, such as a table or top of a cart, available.
  • Use produce boxes rather than trash cans while on the sales floor.
  • Be systematic — start at the front of an aisle and work your way back.
  • Pull off any poor quality product.
  • Check date-coded items carefully and remove any expired items.
  • Understand the ripening stages for each produce item, to reduce risk of culling product that is still saleable. For example, a soft avocado is great for guacamole and a wrinkled passion fruit is ripe.
  • Record how much product is culled on the system you use for tracking product loss / shrink.