Bright, Beautiful and Hand-made Organic Floral Wreaths

It’s not too early to start offering your customers the finest organic, dried floral wreaths on the market.


Each unique 11″ diameter wreath is made by hand from flowers grown and dried at Full Belly Farm. The bright mix of fall- and winter-colored flowers will stay beautiful for years (if kept out of direct sunlight).  No preservatives are used.

wreath 1No minimum order is required.

Wreaths containing chili peppers are available on a pre-order basis.

Offer them to customers or purchase as gifts for staff, family and friends. Of course, you may also want one of these beautiful wreaths for yourself.



Meet the Grower:  Full Belly Farm

Full_Belly_Logo REVFull Belly Farm, a 350-acre certified organic farm, located in the beautiful Capay Valley of Northern California, employs about 60 workers year round. Owners, Andrew, Dru, Judith, Paul, Jenna and Amon are committed to providing stable income with year round employment for their workers. The floral dedicated crew accounts for 6 – 7 members of the team. The crew plants, weeds, cuts and arranges beautiful organic bouquets from February through October when they switch over to creating stunning wreaths and dried bouquets.  Dru enthusiastically praises the floral crew, noting “they are true artists; they have a great eye for color and composition, creating truly unique wreaths.”