VV Attends Franklin Bros. Block Party

On June 12th Franklin Bros. Market hosted a block party to celebrate their opening. In November 2015, owners Jennifer Freese, Brian Wright and Matthew Bear converted a derelict corner store in West Berkeley into beautiful neighborhood market, selling groceries, organic produce, beer, and wine.  Beck from Sales tabled the event, sampling produce and answering questions about organic produce distribution. Several other purveyors tabled or supplied goods to be sampled at the event. The turnout from West Berkeley was impressive and represented the diversity of the area. Jennifer makes decisions based on serving the entire community’s needs, and stocks all of the items that the previous store carried at similar price points, as well as locally prepared sandwiches and pastries, grocery and specialty items. Franklin Bros. Market often donates their ripened produce donating excess produce to children at nearby schools, and has several programs to help connect neighborhood kids to organic produce.  It was an awesome day!  franklin Bros Opening 2