Veritable Vegetable Publishes First Annual Benefit Report

Read our first Annual Benefit Report!

Read our first Annual Benefit Report!


We’re proud to report we recently became a Benefit Corporation in the State of California. We took this step to ensure the company’s legal status accurately reflects our values-driven business model. We’re excited to release our first Annual Benefit Report to the community. In this report you’ll find an explanation of why we chose B-Lab’s third party assessment tool, an overview of our assessment results, and a narrative of our efforts. 


Read the full report to learn more!



B-Corp-Score-16-0628-WEBHighlights include:

  • Our overall score on B Lab’s B Impact Assessment rose to 112 out of 200, an increase of 27.8%.
  • We support over 220 organic growers.
  • We run a near zero emission fleet of vehicles and divert 99% of our waste from landfill.
  • We honor labor by paying workers 40% above San Francisco’s minimum wage, and 25% above San Francisco’s living wage.

Read our Annual Benefit Report to learn about our efforts at building a sustainable food system.

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