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Fall has officially begun and the season delivers not only crisp autumn air but our favorite crisp, autumn treat—apples! In the mid-1800s, there were thousands of apple cultivars in the United States, some of the most astounding diversity ever developed in a food crop, each one prized for their unique characteristics. They came in every flavor and texture—some were tender, others smelled like pineapple and banana, some were hard and tart and some intended for baking while others were perfect for making hard cider.

The birth of industrial agriculture changed the face of the apple industry, settling on a handful of varieties to promote worldwide, and the rest were forgotten. They became commercially extinct—but not quite biologically extinct. Surprisingly there are more apple varieties out there, than you might think. The Apple Farm in Mendocino, CA and Heirloom Orchards in Hood River, OR, two of our amazing apple growers, are committed to keeping heirloom apple varieties available to the apple-loving public.

We currently have 30 varieties including 11 heirloom options. At this time of year, our selection constantly changes as we bring to you new varieties when they become available.

Take advantage of our new pricing structure on apples by offering an apple sampling day. Consumers like flavor and novelty. You’ll enjoy watching the delight of your customers as they experience new and tasty varieties.

apple-ambrosia     Ambrosia

  • Creamy yellow flesh is crisp and juicy with a sweet flavor and low acidity.
  • Roast with root vegetables or dice and add to polenta, couscous or rice.
  • Adds sweetness and moisture to cakes, doughnuts and muffins.
  • They hold their shape and flavor when cooked, making them perfect for pies, tarts and baked apples.
  • Slow to brown when cut, making them perfect for adding to salads or served as part of a cheese tray.
apple-ashmead-kernal-not-paid-for     Ashmead’s Kernel

  • Homely to look at but truly memorable to eat; distinctive sweet sharp flavor with hint of pear drops.
  • Crisp, dense, juicy flesh; highly aromatic.
  • Best eaten fresh, but can be cooked.
  • Highly valued for juicing and hard cider.
arkansas-black     Arkansas Black (coming soon)

  • Flesh is golden hued and juicy with a fine-grained, crisp texture.
  • Highly aromatic with sweet-tart flavor.
  • Excellent cooking apple; bake, sauté or roast, puree into soups or sauces.
  • Juice is excellent for ciders and jams.
  • Pairs well with winter squash, pecans, cranberries, vanilla, thyme, sage, cinnamon and cardamom.
apple-braeburn-single     Braeburn

  • Crisp flesh is creamy yellow and juicy.
  • Perfect balance of sweet and just slightly tart with subtle hints of pear and cinnamon.
  • Sweet-tart flavor mellows slightly when cooked.
  • Slow to brown when cut making them perfect for use in salads or as part of a cheese board.
  • When raw their flavor and crisp texture is best when served slightly chilled.
apple-cameo     Cameo

  • Thin skin with a delicate texture.
  • Flesh is dense and creamy white to yellow in color with a crisp and juicy texture.
  • Perfect balance of sweet and tart with nuances of honey .
  • Resists browning when cut making them a great choice for fresh presentations.
  • Their dense flesh holds up extremely well when cooked and flavor is enhanced.
  • Pairs well with squash, bacon, pears and flavorful cheeses such goat, cheddar and ricotta.



  • Creamy white interior that is crisp and juicy.
  • Flavor is sweet like a Red Delicious and tart like a McIntosh.
  • Pairs well with pumpkin, pear, sharp cheeses and warm spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Sliced or cut apples stay white longer if put in a bowl of water containing two tablespoons of lemon juice.
  • Their size and low susceptibility to bruising make them an excellent snacking apple.
 54793363 - japanese giant apple on white background. select focus on center.     Fuji

  • Creamy white flesh that is juicy, and crisp.
  • Low in acid, the flavor is mild yet very sweet with hints of both honey and citrus.
  • Thicker skin, dense flesh and sweet flavor hold up well when cooked.
  • Roast, bake, sauté or boil down into sauce.
  • Pairs well with sharp cheeses.
62382114 - fresh gala apple isolated on white background     Gala

  • Dense flesh is creamy yellow and crisp, offering a mildly sweet flavor and floral aroma.
  • Great for snacking as they are low in calories, high in water content, and offer a fair amount of vitamins A, C and B.
  • Delicate flavor and texture of the Gala apple shines in fresh preparations.
  • Sweet flavor becomes milder when cooked making them perfect in baked preparations when paired with stronger flavored apples such a Granny Smith, Arkansas Black, Pippin and Mutsu.
  • Flavor complemented when paired with pears, winter squash, onions, pecans, turkey, curry, brie, cheddar and Swiss cheese.
apple-golden-delicious     Golden Delicious

  • Firm, crisp, and white-fleshed. These apples have a balanced sweet-tart aromatic flavor, which has been described as honeyed.
  • Sweet-tartness makes this a good fresh eating variety.
  • Has the necessary acid content and stability for baking.
  • Pairs well with savory items, such as onions, cabbages, pork, cheeses and strong herbs.
  • Good option for juicing or drying.
 35636762 - front view of green granny smith apple isolated on white     Granny Smith

  • Firm and juicy apple with thick skin.
  • Flesh is bright white and crisp in texture with a tart, acidic, yet subtly sweet flavor.
  • Great for baking because of their high acidity and ability to hold their shape when cooked.
  • Slow to brown when cut; perfect for fresh preparations such as lunchboxes, salads and salsas or sliced and paired with cheese.
41046216 - yellow apple isolated on white background     Grimes Golden  

  • Fine-grained flesh is creamy white with a crisp bite.
  • Exceptionally juicy, has a sweet flavor with nuances of spice; great for cider.
  • Excellent as a dessert apple.
  • Breaks down fairly easily when cooked, making it perfect for use in sauces, preserves and chutneys.
  • Due to its delicate flesh it is best paired with dense fleshed apples such as Rome, Fuji and Granny Smith, when used in pies and tarts.
apple-honeycrisp                       Honeycrisp

  • Creamy white flesh is exceptionally crisp and aromatic.
  • Balanced content of sugar and acid gives Honeycrisp apples a pleasant sweet-tart flavor.
  • Maintains sweet flavor when cooked; great for baking.
  • Remove the skin and slow cook slices to make applesauce, preserves and apple butter.
  • Crisp texture shines in raw preparations.
apple-jonagold-single     Jonagold

  • Flesh is juicy and creamy yellow in color.
  • Offers the sweet-tart taste found in the Jonathan and the aromatic honey-like scent of the Golden Delicious.
  • A popular dessert apple; can be used in a variety of sweet preparations such as pies, tarts, muffins, cakes or baked whole.
  • Perfect for use in sauces, preserves and jam.
  • Sweet-tart flavor complements savory applications as well.

 33123206 - one autumn jonathan red apple isolated on white background


  • Thin skin with fine textured, creamy yellow flesh.
  • Juicy with a crisp bite; flavor is mildly sweet with a tart tang and hint of spice.
  • Great to eat raw or cooked in sweet or savory dishes; flesh breaks down slightly when cooked.
  • Pair with denser apples for pie or sauces.
  • Perfect for use in juice or cider.

    King David  

  • Crisp and juicy flesh is creamy yellow with a coarse texture.
  • Rich spicy flavor with nuances of wine compliments sweet and savory dishes.
  • Excellent cooking apple; bake, sauté or roast, also great in stuffing.
  • Perfect for cider, sauces, juice and preserves.
      lady     Lady

  • Thin-skinned.
  • Though firm to the touch, the flesh is tender, not crisp.
  • Far from tart, its flavor is quietly sweet tart with a succulent but subtle finish.
  • Approximately 1½ inch diameter, considered to be primarily a decorative apple due to its small size.
liberty     Liberty

  • Yellow-toned flesh is crisp and juicy with a fine-grain texture.
  • Flavor is sweet like a McIntosh, yet tarter and includes hints of citrus and melon.
  • Good dessert apples; bake into tarts, muffins or pies.
  • Makes a sweet-tart applesauce.
  • Stores well into the winter when refrigerated.
mcintosh     McIntosh

  • Later season apples take on a slightly sweeter taste than those picked earlier in the season.
  • Crisp flesh is exceptionally juicy and bright white in color.
  • Early season apples have a strong sweet-tart taste with nuances of spice
  • Use cooked or raw and in both sweet and savory preparations; flesh is delicate and will break down when cooked.
  • Slightly spicy flavor and juiciness makes them perfect for juice and cider.
 mutsu     Mutsu

  • Firm white flesh is crisp and juicy.
  • Sweet-tart flavor has subtle hints of spice.
  • Sweetens with cold storage.
  • Chosen as an excellent dessert apple; it also complements savory dishes.
 pink-lady     Pink Lady

  • Crunchy texture and a tart taste with a sweet finish.
  • White flesh is juicy and crisp, and offers a “fizz-like” burst of flavor.
  • Ideal for fresh, out-of-hand eating.
  • Retains shape when baked or poached.
  • Slow to oxidize when cut, making it good for cheese boards, sandwiches and salads.
 pinova     Pinova

  • Creamy white inner flesh with a crisp, crunchy texture; great for out-of-hand eating.
  • Sweet flavor has subtle tropical undertones, such as banana and pineapple.
  • Holds up to temperatures when cooked, so they are ideal for pies, tarts and baking.
  • Can be refrigerated for up to two months.
 pippin     Pippin

  • Creamy white flesh is crisp, juicy and aromatic.
  • Has a rich sweet tart taste with nuances of spice and pine.
  • Firm flesh makes it an excellent cooking apple; use in pies, tarts and turnovers.
  • Slightly spicy flavor makes them a popular for juice and cider.
 red-rome     Red Rome

  • Creamy yellow flesh is crisp and dense.
  • Mildly sweet and tangy flavor with a slightly floral aroma.
  • Dense flesh holds up well when baked and flavor is enhanced when cooked.
  • Once the most popular apple in the USA, displaced by Red Delicious in the late 1950’s.
                rosalynn     RosaLynn

  • Sweetly-tart, crisp flavor.
  • Stays crisp and does not turn brown when cut, making it a great for raw preparations including salads and lunchboxes.
     roxbury     Roxbury

  • Firm yet tender, slightly coarse, yellow-white flesh with a high sugar content that presents in an aftertaste of honey.
  • Great for cider, fresh eating, and hold their shape well when cooked.
  • Very versatile, all-purpose apple.
  • Can store for three months or longer.
sierra-beauty                 Sierra Beauty

  • Fine-grained flesh is crisp and juicy with a creamy yellow color.
  • Balanced sweet-tart flavor with nuances of spice and a floral aroma.
  • Excellent for use in desserts or savory dishes.
  • Serve as an accompaniment to aged meats and cheeses.
          spitzenberg     Spitzenberg

  • Fine-grained flesh is creamy yellow with a crisp bite.
  • Highly aromatic; has a rich and sweet taste with slight hints of nuts and spice.
  • Excellent for desserts, sauces and preserves.
  • Slightly spicy flavor makes them a great choice for juices and ciders.
sweetie     Sweetie

  • Sweet flavor with mild spice-like undertones. Lack of tartness makes the Sweetie a very sweet apple.
  • Juicy, yellow flesh with a firm and crisp texture, like its Braeburn parent.
  • To balance the sweetness of the hybrid Sweetie apple, combine with a tart apple for sauces or pies. Can be poached or baked, allowing its naturally sweet flavor to be enhanced.
wickson     Wickson

  • Unique blend of herbal and spicy flavors with extraordinary sweetness and a pronounced acid tang.
  • Makes an excellent component for cider blends.
  • Small size, approximately the size of a crab apple, makes this fruit unique.

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