We Became a Recognized San Francisco Green Business

We’re excited to announce we recently became a certified San Francisco Green Business.San Francisco Green Business Logo Becoming a certified San Francisco Green Business is another way we demonstrate our unwavering commitment to conserving resources, building community, and to maintaining the health and safety of our staff.  This certification ensures our environmental practices align with our culture of sustainability.

The certification process took an in-depth look at the practices and methods we employ to conserve energy, water and natural resources, reduce waste, and use low-toxic products in our workplace. Joining the San Francisco Green Business Program further connects us with the community of businesses that share our values.

Read more about what it means to be a Green Business.

VV Green Facts

  • We operate a near zero emissions fleet.
  • We divert 99% of our waste from landfill.
  • We use one 28-gallon garbage can for waste in a week. This is the same size most residential homes use.
  • We encourage customers to accept reuseable pallets and pallet wraps on their deliveries.
  • We collect old sneakers and donate them to Nike Grind, an organization that melts them down to make materials for kids’ playgrounds.
  • We bought a plastic bailer to bail all our plastic pallet wrap for reuse.
  • Our 560 solar roof panels generate 33% of our electricity needs.
  • One of our warehouses is insulated with material made from shredded cotton jeans.
  • Our main warehouse has motion and lumens sensors that detect movement and natural daylight.
  • We donate unsellable produce to the food bank and local partners like the zoo.

Find us on the San Francisco Green Business Directory.