Merchandising Root Vegetables

There are many opportunities for merchandising and boosting root vegetable sales in the winter months. Outside influences can have a large effect on root sales and being aware of what eating trends in the market are driving consumer interest can help understand how best to display root vegetables in the department.

Root vegetables are shifting the traditional understanding of how they are best served. They are showing up on menus and in home kitchens as sweet potato fries, mashed celery root, beet carpaccio and turmeric shots to name a few. Following these cues can provide an easy and fun start to remerchandising this category.

While nutritional facts and recipes continue to be effective and well received tools to capture your customers’ attention; consider moving your root vegetables to a high visibility location on your refrigerated case and cross merchandise ingredients from recipes or current market trends.

The bottom deck of the refrigerated case is a great spot to display winter roots. They bring color and texture to brighten up the lean winter months. Pairing complimentary ingredients into this set can help capture your customers’ attention and encourage them to try a new root vegetable or recipe. Show off aromatic fennel, juicing powerhouses ginger and turmeric and stew essentials leeks and herbs within your root section. Go ahead, don’t be shy with your roots!