Plum & Pluot Sizing Chart

Plum season is here! We can’t wait for you to try all the different varieties! Before you go plum crazy on your order, take a look at this plum and pluot sizing chart which provides approximate pieces per pound and approximate diameter of each piece of fruit (in inches) for each designated size category. Plums and pluots are different than other stone fruit since they do not follow normal weight-count sizing expectations. It’s easy to forget this sizing system when the season comes around. Keep this sizing chart handy in your produce department to refer to when ordering!

SizeApprox. Pieces
Per Pound
Approx. MIN Diameter
2022 14/16
252-32 3/4
3032 11/16
353-42 5/8
4042 1/2
454-51 3/4
5052 5/16
555-62 1/4
6062 3/16
656-72 1/16
8081 15/16