Your Holiday Guide to Sweet Potatoes

The holidays are fast approaching and it’s the sweet potato’s time to shine. With so many varieties out there, how do you choose? From orange to purple, sweet to mild, we have you covered. Here’s your cheat sheet to the season’s most popular varieties.

Garnet Sweet Potato

Garnets have dusty brown-maroon-colored skin, which happens to be the inspiration behind their name. inside, the flesh is a brilliant golden orange. it is starchier and moister than other varieties and offers mild sweet flavor with savory earthiness.


Hannah Sweet Potato

Hannah Sweets are cream-colored with fairly smooth skin.  Inside, the flesh is a cream-white that becomes more yellow when cooked. It offers a lightly sweet flavor with dry texture that is great mashed.


Japanese Sweet Potato

Japanese sweet potatoes have reddish-purple skin with whitish flesh that turns golden when cooked. Their shape is more round than cylindrical. The flavor is very sweet and the texture is fairly firm.


Jewel Sweet Potato

Jewels have copper-colored skin and deep orange flesh. When cooked, this sweet potato takes on a moist, fluffy texture and offers mildly sweet taste with subtle earthiness.


Purple Stoke Sweet Potato

Purple Stokes have a vibrant deep purple skin and purple flesh inside. Dryer, denser and richer in texture than other varieties, they offer a balanced sweetness with floral notes.


Interested in stocking up for the holiday rush? Talk to you Account Manager about ordering mixed prebuilt pallets of sweet potato. Mix and match different varieties for your ideal pallet. This is a great way to ensure you have enough supply for the Thanksgiving rush and to take advantage of volume discounts! Prebuilt pallets require preorder so get yours in!