Premium Potatoes from Road Twenty Farm

We’re excited to introduce new crop red and golden potatoes from Road Twenty Farm. Available for wholesale exclusively through Veritable Vegetable, these spuds look beautiful and taste amazing. The first potatoes have been hand dug to ensure sizing, consistency and yield. Fresh potatoes (never stored) are harvested, cleaned, cooled and shipped out in short order.  Fresh potatoes cook faster and have a more earthy flavor. Learn more about the Road Twenty Farm potato harvest here.


Red Potatoes

The red potatoes are ruby red smooth-skinned with a waxy firm white flesh. Red potatoes are roughly rounded to oval in shape and available from size A (large) to size C (small). The entire potato is edible, holds its shape well, and should be used beyond the assumed baking and frying recipes. They absorb accompanying flavors well and offer a textural element in a variety of dishes both cold and hot.

Golden Potatoes

Golden potatoes have cream-colored flesh and smooth, shiny skin the color of wheat. These oval-shaped potatoes are also available in sizes A (large) and B (medium). A treat when baked with rosemary, garlic, or oregano, golden potatoes taste light and buttery. Since potatoes are root vegetables, they should be washed thoroughly before preparing and stored in a cool dry place.

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  • Collards
  • Dino/Lacinato Kale
  • Kohlrabi
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Meet the Grower

Road Twenty Farm

In 2009, national leaders in sustainable agriculture and local food business launched the Food Commons initiative. Together with the Fresno Metro Ministry, Tower Urban Family Farm, T&D Willey Farms, Sweet Home Ranch, and Ooooby, Food Commons Fresno was born. It is the first Food Commons prototype project. 

Food Commons Fresno is growing a community food system that fosters health, stewardship, equity, and economic development. This system includes farm production, processing, distribution, and retail sales in Fresno and the surrounding San Joaquin Valley.

Road Twenty Farm is a project of the Food Commons Fresno and is growing organic produce on land formerly farmed by T&D Willey Farms. The farm is growing potatoes, greens, beets, carrots, kohlrabi, arugula, and parsley.