Veritable Vegetable Wins Outstanding Company Award at Climate Day


Outstanding Company Award

Pictured: Karen Salinger, center, accepting the Outstanding Company award.

We are thrilled to announce that we won the Outstanding Company award by the National Co-op Grocers and the Climate Collaborative at Natural Expo West’s Climate Day. The award recognizes Veritable Vegetable’s commitment and rapid progress on climate action through our greenhouse gases and emissions reductions. Only Climate Collaborative committed companies are eligible for this award. Other award winners include Alter Ego, Organic Valley, Community Food Co-op, Lotus Foods, Guayaki, Straus Family Creamery, and Clif Bar & Company.

The Climate Collaborative is a community of businesses in the natural food industry coming together to reverse climate change by individually taking action on nine focus areas: agriculture, energy efficiency, food waste, forests, packaging, policy, renewable energy, short lived climate pollutants, and transportation. The Climate Collaborative was founded by Jessica Rolph, Founding Partner and Board Member of Happy Family Brands, Lara Dickinson, Executive Director and Co-Founder of OSC2, Nancy Hirshberg, Chief Catalyst of Hirschberg Strategic and Katherine DiMatteo, Executive Director of Sustainable Food Trade Association with a shared belief that the natural foods industry has potential to do more to collectively reverse climate change. The Climate Collaborative launched on Climate Day at Expo West on March 8. 2017 and currently has 203 companies committed. Learn more about the Climate Collaborative and join us in making a climate commitment today.

At Veritable Vegetable, our commitment to sustainability has been at the core of our business model since inception. We have incorporated numerous best practices throughout the company to reduce waste, increase energy efficiency, and reduce greenhouse gases and CO2 emissions. We attribute our progress in addressing climate change to two cornerstone programs: our green trucking fleet and our waste stream management.

Pictured: Showcase of Veritable Vegetable’s fleet of trucks.

By owning our own trucks, we are able to incorporate new technologies such as switching to hybrid refrigeration units on all trailers, installing catalytic converters to break up emissions and fueling with renewable diesel. In addition to greener technologies, we have optimized the aerodynamics of the trucks, developed a tire and maintenance program, and enabled load optimization to keep trucks full of product in every direction. Through the years, we also developed strong relationships with our community of suppliers and peers which made it easier for us to make improvements to our fleet, and share best practices with other businesses.

Every Veritable Vegetable staff member manages their own waste stream and learns how to compost, recycle, reuse and repurpose all materials. In addition, we have a number of in-house programs that also reduce our waste stream, including: non-sellable food is donated to hunger relief organizations and inedible perishables are composted; broken pallets are returned to a pallet maker to be refurbished; pallet wrap is collected and bailed together with our leased bailer, just for this purpose. Every piece of waste has its place, resulting in only 1% of actual waste that goes to landfills, for the entire company.

For more information on our sustainability efforts, click here.