One Avocado, Two Avocado, Three Avocado….Floor!

Ah, Cinco de Mayo. It may seem like a small holiday but it’s the small holidays like these that can be a hit or miss for your department sales. Since Cinco de Mayo falls on a Saturday this year, it is likely to be even more popular. Here are four key items that will ensure you maximize sales potential.

  • Ripe avocados. Having an ample supply of stand ready ripe avocados takes planning but it’s easy to do. Customers shopping for avocados close to Cinco de Mayo are looking for ready to eat product or fruit that will be perfect in a day or two. This means you need to bring in avocados a least 3-4 days before May 5th. Bring a few cases and store them in your backstock area to allow them to ripen up. Use these ripe avocados to build an impressive display on the 4th. If you are a larger store that always has a rather large avocado display, order up and keep your display topped off with ripe fruit regularly to boost your sales. Most customers aren’t willing to take the time to ripen their own fruit so making sure you have ripe fruit on hand ensure you always capture that sale.
  • Don’t forget the limes! Limes are not only an essential ingredient in guacamole, salsa and for squeezing on delicious tacos but they are also a necessity for festive drinks. Display limes in close proximity to your avocados and also with your strawberries (strawberries for strawberry margaritas, of course!). Having multiple locations for key items increases visibility and helps boost sales.
  • Tacos, tacos, tacos. Although there are many other dishes that will be made, the street taco is an easy favorite and one that is easiest to merchandise for. Cabbage, cilantro, onion and limes are all key items. Make sure your cabbage display is large and highly visible. Cull and butt the cabbages making sure that all outer leaves that maybe withered are discarded. If the produce is looking it’s best, it will move quickly. Cilantro can be stocked next to cabbage in the wet rack as well as placed in containers of water and placed next to your onions. This encourages the sale of both items when ingredients are displayed in close proximity and in multiple locations. Your dry displays are also the perfect places to cross merchandise packs of tortillas to promote your fresh taco ingredients.
  • Large focal point cross merchandising display. Work with other departments to create a display that combines all of the big key items like chips, beer, tomatoes, avocados, dry pack dip mixes, onions and drink mixers. Make sure the display is in a highly visible area like the front of the store. This gets shoppers excited and strategically suggests multiple products to purchase in combination. This is a great opportunity to encourage impulse buys and bump up your average basket size.