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Six Women, Two Distributors, One Fair Trade Grower’s Project

Whether shopping for coffee, chocolates or produce, consumers can’t help but notice the growing number of certifications and labels proliferating in the marketplace. One such label is Fair Trade Certified, meaning growers use methodologies that support healthy working conditions and sound environmental practices while paying producers equitably for the fruits of their labor. Recognizing the […] Read Post »

These 10 States Account for a Whopping 78% in Sales of Organic Food

Reprinted from:, author: Lorraine Chow | October 4, 2015 Love the organic lifestyle? Chances are you live in these 10 states, and most likely in California. California makes up the biggest slice of the country’s organic market with a stunning $2.2 billion in sales (41 percent of the national total), trouncing second place Washington’s […] Read Post »

Demand for Organic Apples Grows

Publication date: 9/16/2015,  Author: Carlos Nunez / Sander Bruins Slot, Copyright: The popularity of organic apples has increased such that demand for the fruit has outpaced supplies. In the state with the largest production of both conventional and organic apples, Washington’s growers are increasing organic production to meet this increased demand. “Demand for organic apples […] Read Post »

Status of Cucumber Recall Due to Salmonella Contamination

We want to assure all of our customers that the recently announced Salmonella contamination and subsequent recall are NOT, in any way, connected to any grower or product which Veritable Vegetable sells.  The recall was issued last Friday, September 4th, by Andrew & Williamson (A&W), a conventional produce distributor based in San Diego, following a […] Read Post »