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VV Wins 2015 Ebbies Award from Chamber of Commerce

We’re proud to announce that VV won the 2015 Ebbies Award for Small Business Woman of the Year.  This new category is awarded to a female owner, co-owner, or leader of a small business in San Francisco who demonstrates excellent standards of business, who is committed to improving the community in and around her business, and […] Read Post »

FDA seeks input on ‘natural’ food labels

This piece originally appeared on    The FDA is soliciting comments on the use of the term “natural” on food labeling in direct response to consumers and federal courts that have requested that it explore use of the term. Specifically, the FDA is seeking information and public comment on questions such as: Whether it is […] Read Post »

Top restaurant menu trends for 2016 continue to run heavy to fresh and local foods.

reprinted from The National Restaurant Association’s “What’s Hot” culinary forecast, gleaned from a survey of 1,600 American Culinary Federation chefs, shows that local sourcing remains a top trend, according to a news release from the Washington, D.C.-based association. Local sourcing is the food trend that has grown the most over the last decade, 44% of […] Read Post »

Six Women, Two Distributors, One Fair Trade Grower’s Project

Whether shopping for coffee, chocolates or produce, consumers can’t help but notice the growing number of certifications and labels proliferating in the marketplace. One such label is Fair Trade Certified, meaning growers use methodologies that support healthy working conditions and sound environmental practices while paying producers equitably for the fruits of their labor. Recognizing the […] Read Post »