How Good is Your Shrink?

  Produce managers generally have a sense that there will always be some level of shrink. It used to be that a certain percentage of shrink was actually a byproduct of the “stack ‘em high and watch ‘em fly” strategy to reach sales goals so shrink was tolerated with a “good enough” syndrome. However, times […] Read Post »

Merchandising Root Vegetables

There are many opportunities for merchandising and boosting root vegetable sales in the winter months. Outside influences can have a large effect on root sales and being aware of what eating trends in the market are driving consumer interest can help understand how best to display root vegetables in the department. Root vegetables are shifting […] Read Post »

Utilize Ad Programs

Expand your set. Large impactful sets help fuel the customer’s impression of the value of an item. If you put an item on Ad, it is probably your strategy to increase the sales volume of that item. Make sure the set expands to a size to meet your sales goal. If the goal is to […] Read Post »