News from VV

Veritable Vegetable Publishes First Annual Benefit Report

  We’re proud to report we recently became a Benefit Corporation in the State of California. We took this step to ensure the company’s legal status accurately reflects our values-driven business model. We’re excited to release our first Annual Benefit Report to the community. In this report you’ll find an explanation of why we chose […] Read Post »

VV Attends Franklin Bros. Block Party

On June 12th Franklin Bros. Market hosted a block party to celebrate their opening. In November 2015, owners Jennifer Freese, Brian Wright and Matthew Bear converted a derelict corner store in West Berkeley into beautiful neighborhood market, selling groceries, organic produce, beer, and wine.  Beck from Sales tabled the event, sampling produce and answering questions […] Read Post »

Six Women, Two Distributors, One Fair Trade Grower’s Project

Whether shopping for coffee, chocolates or produce, consumers can’t help but notice the growing number of certifications and labels proliferating in the marketplace. One such label is Fair Trade Certified, meaning growers use methodologies that support healthy working conditions and sound environmental practices while paying producers equitably for the fruits of their labor. Recognizing the […] Read Post »

Change is a Natural Part of All Things Organic

We want to share with you the changes we’ve experienced on our Purchasing team. We’re excited to announce the addition of three new members to the team — Andrew Kearns, Johanna Tomesch and Tiffani Jarnigan. They join fellow Purchasing team members Bu Nygrens, Christina Leslie, Darcy Hamilton, Qiana Cameron and Tina Cosentino in working to bring […] Read Post »