What’s Fresh?

Mushrooms Gone Wild

  Mushrooms are typically lumped into the vegetable category, but they are actually a fungus. In general, mushrooms are either cultivated or wild. Cultivated mushrooms such as white button, crimini, and shiitake are grown indoors under controlled conditions. Wild mushrooms, such as Black Trumpet, Chanterelle, and Morel, grow outdoors in the wild. Leave the wild […] Read Post »

The Grass is Always Greener

Asparagus is a Eurasian member of the lily family and a long-lived perennial. There is evidence that it one of the first known culinary plants thanks to ancient Minoan and Egyptian depictions of cultivation.  In produce, it is referred to simply as “grass.” Cultivating asparagus is a significant time investment for growers, as new plants […] Read Post »

Lucky Citrus

With the Lunar New Year coming up on February 5th, stock up on “lucky” citrus. On the lunar calendar, this if the first day of the year. It is also arguably the most important day of the year—one that involves weeks of cleaning, preparation and of course celebration. Citrus fruit play a big role during […] Read Post »

The Wax Factor

Many organic fruits and vegetables, such as apples, produce their own natural wax. However, some produce requires additional wax to decrease dehydration and slow down decay as it makes its way to market. Wax provides a protective coating to seal in moisture and keep produce looking fresher for longer. The most commonly waxed items are […] Read Post »

Juice is the Word

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to prepare for the onslaught of  New Year’s resolutions around eating better, or as we like to call it, Juice Cleansing January. Customers will be perusing the produce section with more frequency looking for fresh options to juice. Plan ahead and anticipate your customers’ juicing needs. Celery […] Read Post »