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Retail Samples as Amuse-Bouche

Amuse-bouche is a beautiful pre-meal bite or delightful surprise from the chef. In French, amuser translates to amuse and bouche means mouth. It’s an opportunity for the chef to show off their flair or introduce a new flavor concept. The amuse-bouche can be one of the most memorable moments of the meal. Similarly, sampling in the produce department […] Read Post »

Arugula 101

Did you know there are two types of arugula? While similar in common name and flavor, these two plants are entirely different species: arugula (eruca sativa) and wild arugula (diplotaxis tenuifolia). Arugula has been around longer than most of us. The first recorded use of arugula dates back to the Roman Empire where arugula was […] Read Post »

Stock Up on Summer’s Bounty

During the summer months, we delight in the bounty of the season—berries, stonefruit, tomatoes and zucchini to name just a few!  Abundant displays remind shoppers of the wonders of the season. Consider cross merchandising canning supplies to encourage customers to stock up on their seasonal favorites in order to enjoy summer flavors during the winter […] Read Post »

Summer fruits flavor savory entrees on menus

reprinted from Restaurant News  (http://nrn.com/whats-hot/summer-fruits-flavor-savory-entrees-menus), July 11, 2016, by: Fern Glazer Chefs add berries and stone fruit to salmon, Baby Back Ribs and chicken Sweet, ripe blueberries meet savory salmon in the Oh So Blueberry Goat Cheese Alaska Salmon at Duke’s Chowder House. Ingrid Pape-Sheldon Summer’s beautiful bounty of berries and stone fruit typically show up on […] Read Post »