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Retail Samples as Amuse-Bouche

Amuse-bouche is a beautiful pre-meal bite or delightful surprise from the chef. In French, amuser translates to amuse and bouche means mouth. It’s an opportunity for the chef to show off their flair or introduce a new flavor concept. The amuse-bouche can be one of the most memorable moments of the meal. Similarly, sampling in the produce department […] Read Post »

Safety is Always a Priority

Maintaining a safe work and shopping environment is critical to the Produce Department’s or kitchen’s success. Staying focused on safety in the kitchen, backroom and on the sales floor prevents unnecessary accidents. A clean, organized environment = a safe environment  Remove clutter and debris including boxes, pallets, and spilled produce throughout the day. If rugs are used […] Read Post »

Innovative Pouch Packaging

Zip-lock Pouches Provide Strong Branding for Grower Labels As consumer interest expands regarding where their food comes, many of our growers have sought new options for improving visibility of their farm label at the point of sale.  While abundant bulk produce displays are beautiful, they do not offer the opportunity for grower-specific brand identity recognition.  […] Read Post »